Training Programme & Cam Paign

Seed Certification agency organized monthly meeting for development of seed certification agency & promoting ratio of seed production. It’s organized on 1st Week of every month. In this meeting all seed certification inspectors participates.


Bihar State Seed Certification Agency has been organized many training programmes for agriculture officers & seed growers at various places in difference schemes.

Training Schedule for 2015-16
S.No. Date Place Purpose
01. 04-09-2015 BSSCA PATNA Online Registration facility for Grower, Official Nodal Officer, Seed Inspector
02. 27-11-2015 Narmada seed Bihta Seed Grower
03. 27-11-2015 BRBN Campus Kochash Seed Grower
04. 28-11-2015 Shivshakti Sonao, Kaimur Seed Grower
05. 29-11-2015 Abhyodaya Agro Infrastructure, Chand Kaimur Seed Grower
06. 29-11-2015 Silli Private Ltd Aurangabad Seed Grower
07. 30-11-2015 G.S. Agro Pvt. Ltd. Gaya Seed Grower
08. 30-11-2015 Anmol Hybrid, Seed Chainpur, Kaimur Seed Grower
09. 30-11-2015 Suger Mill Hasanpur(Samastipur) Seed Grower
10. 01-12-2015 Bazar Samity Mohania. Seed Grower
11. 2-4-Dec-2015 Patna Dupty Director, Seed Certification Inspector, Public and Private Grower
12. 12-12-2015 Hemantpur Dist-Bhojpur Seed Grower

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