OECD Seed Certification Scheme


The Organisation of Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD) is an International Organisation founded in 1961.


To help its member countries to achieve Sustainable economic growth & development & to raise the standard of living in the member countries.


Certification of agricultural Seeds moving in International trade. The Scheme authorise uses of labels & Certificates for seed produced & processed for International trade according to agreed principles.


To encourage use of seeds of consistently high quality in participating countries. To boost its seed export.

National Designated authority

Joint Secretary (Seeds) in the Dept. of Agriculture & Co-operation, Govt. of India.

State Designated Authority in Bihar

Director, Bihar State Seed Certification Agency, Patna.

Area of operation

Bihar, West Bangal, Andmaan & Nicobar.


To undertake certification work under OECD seed Scheme.

Rules & Direction for OECD Schemes available

- http://www.oecd.org.

Procedure of seed certification

Under Indian system : - Based on the Indian minimum seed Certification Standards.
Under OECD System : - Based on the OECD rules & guidelines of varietel certification.


To find out the variance between the two. The two systems would run parallel within the country. OECD procedure being adopted only for seed varieties offered under the OECD Scheme, it is necessary to compare the rules & procedures of the two systems to understand the variance so that the existing system of seed certification could be made compatible with the OECD system whoever required.

Group of officers to be set up

Dept. of Agri.,Dept. of Horticulture, ICAR/ SAUs, State seed certification agencies, Representatives of NSC, SFCI, Private seed industry.


To identify the variance between Indian &OECD certification systems & recommend action to be taken, to make the existing system of certification compatible with OECD system. Based on suggestion of the group designated authority will make recommendations to NDA.



Training in India by OECD officials Expenditure would be met by GOI, ICAR New Delhi 4-5 August 2009, Mr. Arun Kumar, Director, Bihar State Seed certification Agency & Mr. Vinay Kumar, Seed Certification Inspetor Participate that training.


Training of key persons at the National & regional level in a country where OECD Scheme is under implementation. ICAR, New Delhi 22-25 February 2010. Mr. Vinay Kumar participate these training seminar.


Training in India by master trainers at New Delhi


International Training of master trainers behalf of exposure visit of CANADA during 22-30 June 2010. Mr. Vinay Kumar, Seed Certification Inspector cum Master Trainer, OECD, Bihar already participate training of exposure visit of CANADA.


Training programme organized by NSRTC, Varanasi on 26-30 July 2010 for all OECD Master Trainer all over India.

OECD schemes implemented shortly in All over India.

Name of Officer Incharge : MR. VINAY KUMAR
Seed Certification Inspector Cum Officer Incharge, OECD, Bihar,
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